Technology for Life

Technology for Life

We live with technology dependence.

Look at the lifestyle of the need for technology is very large, almost all activities are always using technology tools such as: mobile phones, computers, notebooks, internet and others.

Hardly imagine what would happen if one day all the technology does not work, what they all might be able to indulge. “Actually use the technology we live or we live with technology dependence”

As I experienced it myself, I cannot work if you do not use my notebook, and what it means and my function if I do not use or have a notebook. It seems all has been reversed. Society today is not just using technology but in desperate need and dependence of the technology.

How about you? Whether you can live without using technology? Can you work without the use of technological tools? Can we indulge without the help of technology? Maybe later we need the technology to life.

Remember when mobile phones have not been outstanding; we really appreciate our promises with anyone. But now very easy to send messages and cancel appointments with colleagues and provide information by simply sending text messages via mobile phones.

Indeed, all it really helps us and allows us to do anything without throwing waste of time. But will we be forever dependent on technology? Even up to find a life partner we do it using internet technology.

All data stored on disk, and server hosting, imagine if it was all damaged and unusable. must be very annoying and make our activities halted, let alone like that, only with our phone battery running out of the world is like the end if we do not carry the tool charger

Will you limit the reliance on technology? Or can we use technology only as needed?

I have started to limit… You can?

The technology world in 2012

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